Identity Theft

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your Identity, Before & After

Take Action

  • Place an Initial Fraud Alert: This will make it hadrer for the fraud to open other accounts in your name.
  • Order Credit Reports: This will create a record of your communications in order to stop the theft and make it easier to get your money back.
  • Create an Identity Theft Report: This can stop a company from collecting debts and removing fraudulent information removed from your credit report.

All information was retreived from the Federal Trade Commisions website.

Keeping Your Identity Safe

  • Be Alert of Impersonators: Know who you are giving your information to.
  • Safely Dispose of Personal Info: Make sure your information is not left on any technological devices, receipts, ect.
  • Don't Overshare On the Social Network: Keep your phone number, adress and other personal things to yourself (where you've spent money), ect.
  • When you go out, limit what you carry on you.
  • Before you hsare information with a buiness or cooperation, ask why they need it.
  • Read privacy policies and be careful with what wi-fi you use.