My Life

Oscar Cantor 4A

About me!

My name is Oscar Josue Cantor and I live with both my parents and my 2 sisters. My dad is also named Oscar, and my mom is named Karla. My sisters are both younger and they are named Keylin, a soccer player, and Andrea, part of band. I am part of JROTC and I am in charge of the staff that deals with the paperwork. I am a member of the male Color Guard team. I love to eat, sleep, play games, and run every now and then.

What is something that you'll never change?

I will never change the fact that I eat a lot. It may not look like it but I am very gluttonous at home. I do run so I can never gain excessive weight. I will also not change the fact that I love games, but I prefer doing other things such as go to the movies.

My Role Models

"Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. "

Future Goals

I am planning to start off at Lone Star to get my basics there. Then I'll transfer to University of Houston after I am done with Lone star. If I don't like my college or university life I plan to join the U.S. Army but after I get more in shape because running it's not enough.

This is my life!

Hope you enjoyed my newsletter.