Yadan Dunhuang National Geopark

Home of the largest Yadan formations in China!

Where is it?

The park is in northwestern China. Placed in the Gansu province, it is 180 km northwest of the town Dunhuang. It is more on the remote side, perfect for peaceful nights away from the city.

What to do?

The park showcases a variety of Yadan landforms, which are only found in Western China, central Sahara, and Arizona. You could be one of those people to see these rare landforms! You can take pictures and even do some rock climbing on them, because there are barely any rules. You can also visit the ancient Yumenguan "Jade Gate" from the Han Dynasty when you visit. With cool geography comes great history. You may go on a tour, or bring your own transportation. There are clean bathrooms (which are rare in remote areas) and a visitors' center in the parking lot with water. Tourists say that visiting the park is similar to visiting Yosemite or Yellowstone, so you can get the same kind of experience.

There is a single road to explore, and bring bottles to collect really cool stones and sand (sometimes even Gobi Desert sand! Free souvenirs to take home!). There are porta potties along the road for your convenience as well as makeshift gift shops with goodies to take home with you.

What to wear?

Sun hats and lightweight clothing are the best. There isn't much shade and the sun is pretty harsh. Sandals are pretty uncomfortable in this kind of landscape and the sand is hot. Lightweight hiking boots would be good if you tour at the park. Use sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

What to eat?

It is a good idea to bring your own food. Stock up on snacks, but water is available there.

"On the way there are all sand mountains and sand valleys and no food can be found. Travelers can hear ghosts talking while riding at night." -Marco Polo

Are you ready?

Are you ready for your adventure? The park is perfect for adults and older kids. It has many formations to climb, things to collect, and quite a journey to experience!

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