Never give up and stay Persistent


Jackie Robinson was a black male and when it came to comparing him to a white male you will find many differences and similarities. Jackie was treated poorly and he had to work a lot harder to achieve something big, because he was black. On the other hand a white male had a better chance to achieve what they wanted just simply because he is white. Jackie had to learn to deal with all of the discrimination until things changed. He was constantly being made fun of at an extreme level which affected his game in so many different ways. A white male that played in the MLB could focus on their game and not worry about all the hate which Jackie had to deal with. There was more pressure on Jackie because at the time he was the first black male to play in the MLB which can be very nerve racking because you don't know how some people will react. A white male did not have to deal with much pressure at all everyone expected a white male to make the MLB but not a black male so Jackie was faced with a tremendous amount of pressure to do well and fit in. Some similarities they shared were they were both well known around the league. They were both wealthy and most can support their family. Lastly they were both athletic and performed well when it came to baseball. In conclusion no one accepted Jackie for the person he was and his skin color. He never gave up and stayed persistent and matched great baseball players talent despite all the difficulties he faced.


Cristiano Ronaldo was born February 15 1985 in Funchal, Madeira. His father was a gardener and was paid very little to support a big family. His father was stressed and often drank to much. His mother stayed home did house work and watched her 5 kids nearly everyday. When she wasn't watching the kids she was working as a cleaning lady getting paid very little money just like her husband. When Ronaldo turned 10 he was starting to take his soccer skills to the next level as he was starting to become the next big thing for soccer. Since Ronaldos skills were incredibly good Portugal signed him in 2001. They later paid him over 12 million dollars. Ronaldo had a very good and accomplishing life so far but in 2005 his dad pasted to kidney failure. Despite his dad dying and his early childhood struggles Ronaldo carried his team to win the 2008 World Cup Finals. In 2009 Ronaldo left United for a whopping 131 million to play for Real Madrid where he is still currently playing. 2009-2014 ronaldo really stepped up his game as he won many awards like the best player award and much more. Today lots of young kids that love soccer look up to Ronaldo for all his hard work and passion and never giving up on his dreams even when he was faced with many struggles during his early life. Ronaldos hard work and staying persistent sets an example for young kids all around the world.

Cause and Effect

Derrick Rose grew up in one of the worst neighborhoods in chicago, Inglewood. He lived in poverty in his early life and his mom had to take care of him and his 3 brothers alone. Struggling like this Rose knew he did not want to live this way later on. Therefore he would go outside nearly everyday and play basketball at the near by park he knew basketball was his way out of poverty. His dad left his mom and his brothers and they had a hard time making money. This had a big effect on not only Rose but the family. Derricks older brothers had to play the father role early on and take care of their little brother. They picked him up from school they made sure they knew everywhere he was going and they kept him safe. Derrick's mom Brenda had to work extra hours every day to provide for her family. As Rose got older he would put in more work to his game. He went to Simeon High School and had a very good High school career. All his hard work and persistence to fight through losing his dad, living in poverty and more had a great effect on his life later on as he was drafted to the chicago bulls. He played lots of great seasons with the Chicago Bulls and really stepped up his game and led them deep in the playoffs in the 2011-12 season. For Derricks outstanding play he was named 2011-2012 mvp the youngest mvp in Nba history. Overall Derrick fought his way past poverty and many conflicts in his way and stayed persistent no matter what.

Problem Solution

Michael Oher was born 1986 in a small town in Memphis. His family had little to no resources to support a huge family of 12 kids. His mom did not show much support to Ohre or any of her kids she drank over the limit and was a drug addict. Michael had very poor education failing grades multiple times. He didn't have a dad to look up to, his dad was shot and killed when he was in early high school. Denise Oher could not support all these kids on her own she lost her husband and had barely any money. Oher was sent from foster home to foster home he lost his mom and his brothers. He was later laid on the street and had to figure out a way to survive. He had to find food and water on his own, walking along streets at night just to find a warm place to stay. But Michael's life changed tremoundlsy. He was picked up off the streets by Sean and Leigh Anne they gave him a place to stay they provided him with food and resources and they turned his life around. They sent Michael to a good high school got him new clothes and had tutors work with him to give him a better education. They involved Michael in sports to keep him up and active he was taught the game of football and caught on real fast. After a couple years of hard work and training Ohre started for his Junior Varsity football team. His grades improved significantly and many colleges wanted him. He had decided it was best to go to the University of Mississippi where he helped lead his team to a winning record season and was later drafted to the Baltimore Ravens playing in the Nfl where he already has a super bowl ring. Oher stayed persistent throughout his whole life no one thought that Oher would come this far. He was poor his dad was shot and killed he had extremely poor education and his mom did not support him. He was able to stay persistent and never gave up and is still currently playing in the nfl for the Baltimore ravens.


Jimmy butler overcame many obstacles in his life he stayed positive and was able to become successful. Butler was born September 14 1989 in a very poor town in Texas. He faced so many struggles early on in his life. His mom kicked him out of the house when he was 13 because she did not like the way he looked. He lived with a nearby good friend for the rest of his childhood. He was often made fun of at school, he was called ugly most people didn't believe he had the potential for anything. No matter how many people put him down he stayed persistent. Butler's ability to stay persistent helped him out tremoundly in his life. It gave him confidence to stick up for himself and perform well in basketball. He did not have a father most of his life, his dad left him at a very young age. No one ever thought Butler would be where he is now but he persevered through all his hardships and is playing for the Chicago Bulls.