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Thanks for joining me!

Thanks for joining me. I hope the resources shared with you today are helpful.

Here is a document that has a few more resources. Please connect with me! I would love to learn from you!


Here are two sites that are great… the TeachThought has a podcast if you like to “listen” while you work. :)

I learn so much from my colleagues....I am sure you have INSPIRING colleagues who work with you too!!

Stephanie Hime- ELL Interventionist/Instructional Technology Specialist

Follow: @MrsHime


Anne Beck- Ed Tech 4 JRCoE at THE University of OK

Follow: @MrsBeck25


These are some favorite tech peeps I have met at brush with tech stardom :)

Lisa Johnson- AWESOME and AMAZING!!!

Follow: @TechChef4u

Read the blog:

Amy Meyer- FULL of INFO and WISDOM!!

Follow: @friEdTechnology


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Here are some wonderful educators to follow!

Kasey Bell- Shake Up Learning

Read the blog:

Follow: @ShakeUPLearning

Tricia Fuglestad- LOVE learning from of the most creative people on earth!

Follow: @fuglefun (this is WOW!)


Alice Keeler- Google knowledge and more...

Read the blog:

Follow: @AliceKeele

Technology in Early Childhood

Sylvia Duckworth- LOVE her Sketches! Cool way to learn.

Read the blog:

Follow: @SylviaDuckworth

Vicki Davis- In her own words, one cool cat.

Read the blog:

Follow: @CoolCatTeacher

Jamie Forshey- Edu Tech 4 Teachers

Read the blog:

Follow: @edutech20

Kirstin McGinnis- Early childhood...LOVE seeing what her K class is learning.