Hayden is awesome

^ yes he is ^

#1 There is one thing about me, I am AWESOME #1


My name is Hayden and my favorite sports are soccer and baseball, my favorite colors are blue, red, and yellow. And my favorite hobby is sports, I play soccer , baseball, basketball, and wrestling.

My best friend Lucas

I love playing football with my friend Lucas he is very kind and extraordinary.he is very curious and funny too. I have known him since I was two years old. I also like to play baseball with him, I have been on Lucas's team for three years. He is an amazing best friend.He is also a tip top catcher.

My family

I love my mom,(Laura) my dad,(Chad) and my dog (Maddy).They are amazing my mom is awesome, she is so pretty, kind, hilarious, and extraordinary. I am so glad she is my mom. And my dad, well he is super cool I love him he is hysterical, amazing, kind and curious I love to play baseball with him. And last but not least Maddy she is joyful, playful, and funny I cherish to play fetch with her.

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Me and my buddies Lucas and Abigail

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This is me my mom and my dad

I play minecraft Xbox version

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Announce Trailer

I love Washington D.C.

This is a video about Washington D.C. and minecraft!!!!!

Minecraft Xbox 360: EPIC Full-Scale Washington D.C. Showcase + World Download!