Bernice Eddy

Discovered polyomavirus, specifically the SV40 strain


  • Bernice Eddy studied how rhesus monkey livers reacted to polio vaccines and found that they began killing the cells.
  • She tested the vaccine on hamsters as well and discovered it formed tumors in cell tissue.
  • In 1962, she published a scientific journal about her findings on SV40.
  • Her conclusion allowed other scientists to determine how SV40 causes cancer in human cells.
  • SV40 was declared a 2A carcinogen in 1999.
  • Recently, experiments have revealed that SV40 resists chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  • Advocates of the polio vaccine disregarded Eddy's experiment and let it go public. Eddy protested this in New York at a cancer conference. Her efforts were for naught and she ended up losing her laboratory. She warned of an increase of cancer cases in the future.


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