Dangers of Drug Abuse

By: Amie J. Pd:5

After the artificial waves of dopamine stop the brains receptors can't produce enough dopamine, making drug abuse all the more dangerous.Many people talk about drug abuse and how it is bad but they don't realize how bad it can get and how quickly it can catch on. Drug abuse is everywhere and unfortunately common,but is extremely dangerous.

It is common knowledge that drug abuse is taking un-prescribed prescription drugs and illegal substances, but what they don't know is how it is so harmful. When the chemicals in the drug(s) reach the brain they change the way your nerve cells communicate,receive,and process information. They can either re-create the brains chemical messengers or energize the "pleasure center" of the brain. Some drugs (ex: marijuana and heroin) "fool" the brains receptors to send weird messages to the rest of the body. Other drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines can cause the brain to release excess amounts of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that lets your brain fell pleasure. When he brain gets accustomed to big surges of dopamine it stops producing its own dopamine. The after affects not only cause the brain to stop feeling pleasure but can also cause death,depression,heart problems,seizures,hostility,and paranoia.

There are many different ways to prevent addiction. Finding healthy ways to stop stress, finding a good therapist or counselor, having a life that makes you happy, having people and things in your life that you care about are all effective ways to prevent end stop drug abuse.

Because of the risk of getting addicted is high some seek out alternative methods to manage the pain. The most common methods include accupuncture, biofeedback, topical treatments, assistive devices, tai chi, and yoga are ideal methods. Though sometimes these methods are not enough to deal with the pain.

If someone you know is on drugs it isn't too late to help them ( unless they are dead). The most effective way is through both medication and therapy. The drugs given to help abuse decrease the craving for drugs or cause painful reactions if drugs are ingested. Another part is detoxification. Detoxing is where they gradually decrease the dosage. This stage occurs before all other treatment can begin.

Unfortunately drug abuse is wide spread, very common, and extremely harmful to your body. I hope after reading this article that if you are approached with the decision to use drugs you will know that they are harmful and can take a toll on your body and that it will help you make the decision to say no to drugs and stop you from going on the long and painful path that is drug abuse.


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