What's New in C2

~ Think ~ Innovate ~ Create ~ August 10 through August 19

A great beginning

Parents, we have truly enjoyed getting to know your children these past two weeks. Each day brings with it a new excitement and hope for what all this year will hold. Thank you for entrusting us with your precious children! We can already see that our 2nd grade year is off to a terrific start.

Curriculum Corner


The first 3-4 weeks of school are usually spent getting to know your child as a reader and a writer. These first 10 days have been spent doing preliminary assessments to give us baseline information for the year.

These may include, but are not limited to:

* Beginning of the year writing assessment

* Spelling/phonics assessment

* Sight word recognition

* Reading comprehension

* Oral reading fluency assessment

As your child's lead learner conducts these assessments, we will do our best to communicate the results of these to you in a timely manner through Fresh Grade.

Along with beginning of the year assessments, the learners have listened to many different enriching pieces of children's literature that build community and set a positive tone for the year.


The first week of math is all about setting a purpose and using materials appropriately. We've been learning what math is all about and what your child hopes to learn in math this year. We've also learned the difference between toys and math tools. Learners have practiced working with various math tools and determined their appropriate uses.

Starting this week, your child is building their math brain through the use of number talks. They are learning how to use mental math to complete various computations with their peers. Want to learn more about number talks? Click here to read on.

Also this week, children have been meeting with their lead learner in some version of a morning meeting that involves a math routine to help them review 2nd grade math standards on a daily basis. These include place value, time, coins, adding/subtracting, etc.

* Note: beginning of the year math assessment will take place 8/23-8/26

Upcoming math standards:

2.OA.3 - Determine whether a group of objects (up to 20) has an odd or even number of members, e.g., by pairing objects or counting them by 2s; write an equation to express an even number as a sum of two equal addends.

Video to practice this standard

2.NBT.2 - Count within 1000; skip-count by 5s, 10s, and 100s.

Game to practice skip counting

Mrs. Daniel's Family

First Week Reflection

Gavin- I liked getting to be a helper.

Zoe- I had fun with my friends and doing work.

Hannah- I liked doing work.

Ava- I liked cleaning the cafeteria.

Isabella- I liked getting to meet new friends.

Marlee- I liked everything, especially calendar.

Henry- I liked making play dough.

T.J.- I liked meeting new friends.

Logan- I liked my friends helping me.

Madison- I liked learning.

Sarah- I liked the books that were read to us.

Dillon- I liked recess, especially the tire swing.

Shawn Austin- I liked the piggy bank at calendar time.

Raven- I liked reading.

Matthew- I liked everything, especially eating lunch outside.

Steven- I really liked the spelling test.

Cade- I liked recess.

Kameron- I liked eating lunch with my teacher.

Vivian- I liked the No, David! scavenger hunt.

Brandon- I liked recess, especially playing tag.

Laynie- I liked coloring my self-portrait.

Emma- I like everything, especially the tire swing on the playground.

Greyson- I liked calendar, especially the piggy bank.

Jack- I liked playing with my friends on the playground at recess.

Daniel's C2 Family

Mrs. Davis' Family

Our First 8 Days of 2nd Grade

Mrs. Davis' Family "First Week Reflections"

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Meet Miss Walters

Miss Walters is the new student teaching intern for Mrs. Davis' family.
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The Franklin's and the Moore's

Moore Family Picture COMING SOON!

With one of our learners missing the rest of the class asked to wait before we shared a class picture! Oh how I love your little ones and their sweet hearts!

-Mrs. Moore

Meet Miss Knowles

Miss Knowles is the new student teaching intern for Mrs. Moore's family.

Meet Miss Heather Knowles!

Hello! My name is Heather Knowles and I am so thrilled to help teach your sweet children. I am a student at Auburn University at Montgomery and I graduate December 2016. A few things that I love are children, dance and spending time with family. Although my passion is to teach children, I have another passion of dance. I danced from age 5-22. I am from Kennesaw, GA and I moved to Alabama to pursue my education degree because AUM was a great fit for me! I am excited to see what this year brings to all of us! I am looking forward to meeting each and every one of you.

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Mrs. Steindorff's Family

First Day of School
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Miss Whiten's Family

Miss Whiten's family has really been loving the first 8 days of school. We have already created a family bond with each other that makes coming to school even more exciting. These past 8 days consisted of a lot of getting to know each other, team building, learning community two, and getting comfortable with what our daily schedule would look like. We are looking forward to a year of thinking, creating, and innovating.
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Patriot Parent Seminar and C2 Open House

Join your C2 lead learners for a night at PRS! We hope you can come back for a night to learn about what a day in the life of your child looks like.

6:00 to 6:20 - Meet in the cafeteria for a technology seminar. Topics included will be using Fresh Grade, our online student portfolios and assessment system.

6:30-7:00 - Open house in the C2 learning spaces. Have your child tour you through their classroom and hear all about life in community 2!

Our PE Coaches are holding their annual equipment drive. Items needed include (in new or used working condition):



Soccer Balls


Large plastic storage bins with lids

hoola hoops

disc cones

yoga/exercise mats

long/double dutch jump ropes

bean bags

painters tape

kickballs/playground balls

C2 Parent Page on Facebook

If you'd like to stay updated on current PRS happenings on Facebook, you can join the C2 Parent Facebook page by clicking on the button above. This page will serve as a place where parents can communicate with one another relating to PRS C2. Please visit for recent newsletters, volunteer opportunities, and information regarding school field trips and events. This will not replace Fresh Grade communication or newsletters from lead learners to parents.


- Colleen Hawthorne

PRS T-shirt Order Form - Due 8/24

Please note: we ask that all children wear the red Patriots shirt on school field trips
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FYI - Any food purchases made at school all come from the same account. This includes snack (chips, fruit roll up, etc), Nancy's Italian Ice, Chick-fil-A sandwiches (Wednesdays only) and chicken biscuits (Fridays only), milk, water, powerade, breakfast, along with regular lunch options.

Money may be sent through a check or paid online through Pay Pams. These items can only be purchased during breakfast (7:00-7:45) and during our C2 lunch block.
Please (if at all possible) do not send cash with your child to school to pay for these items.

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Upcoming Dates:

  • August 23: Patriot Parent Seminar at 6:00 PM
  • August 23: C2 Open House at 6:30 PM
  • August 25: PRS Fall Sports Pep Rally
  • September 5: NO SCHOOL- Labor Day
  • September 9: Grandparent's Day at PRS
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Lead Learner Wish Lists

Throughout the year, our classes will be doing a variety of activities that will require or be enhanced by certain materials. Some families ask how they help from time to time. Below each lead learner has listed items that would be used for classroom activities and projects. Thank you!

Mrs. Daniel

Mrs. Davis

Mrs. Franklin

  • Mrs. Franklin's Amazon Wish List- WISH LIST!
  • Post-it note Chart Paper

Mrs. Moore

Mrs. Steindorff

Mrs. Whiten