Daily Maycomb news


The trial

today the people of Maycomb will fined out if Tom Robertson will be found innocent or guilty. Now with out further a do the jury has found Tom Robinson guilty of shooting the dog Tim Johnson. Scout and Jem confront the fact that the morals Atticus the lawer has tought them there cannot always be reconciled with reality of the world and the evils of human nature. The town has reacted in silence as they are suprised to hear that Tom Robinson has been found guilty and the people of Maycomb are frightened and want stricter gun laws and only sertifide people can handle a gun with them at all times and that's the top story of the Maycomb news today
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The president is down

shorty after noon on November 22 1963. President John F Kennedy was assassinated as he road in a motorcade in down town Dallas Texas. Crowds of excited people lined the greets and waved to the president. As the car passed by the Texas book store gun fired suddenly broke out on the plaza. The bullets hit the president in the head and neck as he was shot he fell on mrs Kennedy.
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I have a dream

I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation. Here is the first sentence of a very lengthy speech that Martin Luther wrote and and spoke in Washington, D.C. As he talked about the end of slavery and incredible heroism