Stella & Dot Weekly Team Newsletter

Week of January 20th

I am so excited to announce that we will be offering a weekly Team Call every Monday night at 8:45pm EST. The topics will range from filling your calendar to growing your team and lots in between. You will hear from me and some of our top Stylists as we aim to help you make 2014 your best year yet. Is there a topic you would like to see covered? Email me at

We are kicking off these calls TONIGHT so hope you can join us. This week we are talking about how to make the most of jumpstart and time-blocking to help you stay focused on high value activities.

8:45 pm EST

Access code 133191#

These calls will be 30 min and will be recorded

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Our Team's Top Sellers in January

Reagan Montgomery $3199

Laura Ellis $2370

Taryn Giroux $1148

Katherine Julian $1103

Jordan Berdt $539

Who's Joining the 100 Club?

If you've attended a Circle of Success Training then you probably saw the slide about Beth Tackaberry. Beth is a Sr Director in Canada and last year she hit that same rut all of us hit at one point or another - she was having trouble booking. What did she do? She made a commitment to reach out to 100 people and guess what happened - she went from having a total of 4 shows on the books to having a total of 30! She didn't get 30 yes's just from her calls alone - what happened was she booked a bunch from that initial reach out, booked from those, and booked even more from those and it snowballed into 30 shows. She sold over $36,000 and earned $10,950 in commission! She visited new markets and contacted new businesses. Beth is no different from you or me....she just followed the steps we know to book and reached out to tons of people. We can all do this!

Take this challenge with me - over the next week let's make the commitment to reach out to 100 people. It might be a matter of calling your customers from the fall/holidays to follow up, getting out and about and seizing every opportunity to talk about your business, reaching out to that friend on fb who you know would love our products, or talking about our stylist or hostess opportunity to every guest at your upcoming shows. What you talk about will come about!

All who complete the challenge will have their name in a drawing for $100. Your time is money and the more time you invest in your business the greater the return will be!!

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Weekly Home Office Training

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself! Training/Coaching is an important aspect of your business if you are wanting to grow and take your business to new heights! Here are GREAT ways to do it (check the lounge for registration details)!

The 3 Steps to Sponsor with Danielle Redner and Star Stylist Sarah Spurrell
Step 2 - Getting to Know Her

Monday, January 20th 1pmPT/3pmCT/4pmET (30 min)
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 Access Code: 2390843#
Mark your calendars to attend this special call series on the 3 Steps of Sponsoring with Danielle Redner and field leaders. Tune in this week to hear Danielle and Sarah’s tips and real life examples on the second step of sponsoring: Getting to know your prospective Stylist.

Tips From The Top With April Price and Senior Director Sara Clement
Tuesday, January 21st 10amPT/12pmCT/1pmET (30 min)
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 Access Code: 6977091#
Mark your calendar to join our Tips from the Top call series where each week we feature one our Field Executives who will share her inspiration, training tips and a 'call to action' for each of us! This week's special guest is Senior Director, Sara Clement leader of Team Charmed and Dangerous of the Gem Fatale Gemstones. Tune in to hear Sarah coach on how to make the most of this week!

Deep Dive Training on How to Maximize Jumpstart for All with Director, Beth Pensabene
Wednesday, January 22nd 10amPT/12pmCT/2pmET (30 min)
Dial In: (800) 747-5150 Access Code: 6977091#
It’s time once again for Jumpstart for ALL! Tune into this week’s Deep Dive call for tips on how to strategically plan the rest of your Jumpstart to take advantage of this lucrative program. Free product and cash – what can be better than that?

Stella & Dot Opportunity Webinar with CEO Jessica Herrin
Thursday, January 23rd 12pmPT/2pmCT/3pmET (30 min)
Mark your calendars and share this event with your prospective Stylists to get on a webinar with CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin as she review’s the Stella & Dot opportunity, why now is the perfect time to start a new business, and tips on the best way to get started. This is a “must do” for anyone who may be on the fence about the opportunity.
Password: Stella
Audio Dial In: 1-855-749-4750
Audio Access Code: 663 140 835

Please note, to access the webinar you must be logged in from a computer, however the audio is available from any device.

Jump Start for All

We're kicking off the New Year in a bold way with Jumpstart for all. It's simple, clear cut, and easy to understand - you'll be earning a percentage of free product based on your sales. Set your bar high, shoot to sell $5000+ between now and March 9th, and bank that free product for the future!

Check out the full details in the lounge along with your own personal tracker within your reports.

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Amazing Training Webinars to Help you Take Advantage of JumpStart and Build Your Business

If you missed our Brighten Your Life Tour and Training, click below to watch the webinars sharing the training. Even if you went to training, watch again. Hearing things more than once will help you learn. Please share your take aways on our Facebook page!

Circle of Success: 5 Ways to Fill Your Calendar Webinar

Circle of Success: 4 Ways to Increase your Trunk Show Average

Circle of Success: 3 Ways to Increase your Sponsoring

Find all training materials in your Lounge. Go to SDU >> Leader Resources >> Spring 2014.

Save the Date!

Call your potentials and mark your calendars for one special event...guess who's coming to Richmond?? Jessica Herrin AND Anita Krpata!! Please mark your calendars for the evening of Wednesday, February 26th for a Meet Stella & Dot and Training. We will have details to you ASAP.

Local Team Meetings/Trainings

Virginia Beach, VA - Meet Stella & Dot
Monday, January 20th
Burton's Grill
Register Here

Richmond, VA - New Stylist Training
Thursday, January 23rd
Panera Bread - Short Pump
Register Here

Join Me For A Trunk Show!

Sunday, January 19th

Sunday, January 26th

Thursday, January 30th

Friday, January 31st