California Gold Rush

Head West

By: Myles Mead


John Sutton found one of the parts of the Gold Rush in 1846. He estimated there was about 12,000 ounces of gold. They wanted fertile soil to build up their livestock. They wanted religious of freedom, crops, and a better climate.
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John Sutton wanted to keep the Gold Rush a secret so all the people won't take the gold but eventually the secret got out and the secret was now around the United States. So, everybody started to head west but their were so many people their that the people that traveled didn't get a chance to get any gold. But, after the gold rush was over people lost their lives because of illness of traveling
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People were getting there before people. People were starting to get into fights with other people because the people are trying to get all the gold before all the sea of people started to come. Such as John Sutton, because he was the one who found part of the gold rush so he wanted to keep it a secret with all the people coming to the west.
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People estimated there was about twelve million ounces of gold. there was about one thousand people discovered gold through 1848- 1855. The miners use the panning method. Miners who got there first went on the Cherokee trail which is a trail to Calafornia or known as the California gold rush.
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