Myuna Bay

Great for school camps

Things you will need

Shorts and t-shirts (no singlets, sleeveless or midriff tops)


Jumpers and tracksuit pants

Socks and underwear



Swimming costume and rash shirt

Sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses

Toiletries, including soap (no aerosols)

Two towels

Pillowcase, sleeping bag /doona, and sheets (single bed)


Insect repellent

Two pairs of sneakers (one old pair to wear in the water)

Paper, pens or pencils

Plastic bags for dirty or wet clothes

Medications (if required)

Handkerchief or tissues

Water bottle

When we are going

Monday, March 4th 2013 at 7:30am

Dora Creek, NSW, 2264, AU


You don't want to miss the bus so i suggest you get there early maby 7:00 would be the latest half an hour early means you have time to find your friends and put your bag down you don't want to be late or rush to school.

Staying in touch at camp

Teachers’ families can get in touch with them by contacting the

office during business hours or leaving a message after hours.

The Centre has good mobile reception for most carriers, however

there is no internet access.