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Quarter 1 In the Books!

Today was the end of our first quarter of school. We had a great quarter with our students and are looking forward to the next three with them! All grades will be viewable on Parent Connect starting on November 7th.

Thank you to everyone for participating in our first spirit week this year. What a great success! Be sure to check our social media pages for the pictures and videos from the week.


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Mrs. Doman and Ms. Phillips

Second Step Lessons from this Week

On Wednesday, we had our first lesson in Unit 2: Recognizing Bullying & Harassment in our Second Step Curriculum. Here’s the breakdown for each grade:

Grade 6:

The goals of this unit include students being able to:

  • Recognize common types of bullying

  • Understand the potential negative impacts of bullying by taking the perspective of targets and bystanders

  • Assess the risks and benefits of using different upstander strategies to respond to bullying under various circumstances

  • Be an upstander by making a responsible decision in bullying situations

Lesson 8 is Common Types of Bullying. Students learned about and how to identify different types of bullying: physical, verbal, and relational. Bullying is “intentional physical, verbal, or social aggression that’s repeated over time.” This week students will be looking for unkind behaviors in our school community and deciding if they might be examples of bullying.

Grade 7:

The goals of this unit include students being able to:

  • Recognize various types of harassment and understand how they are different from bullying

  • Understand the impact of harassment on individuals and the school community

  • Understand students’ rights to be protected from harassment

  • Understand students’ responsibilities to create a harassment-free school environment

Lesson 8 is What Is Harassment? Students learned what harassment is and how it’s different from bullying. Harassment is “aggression against someone based on real or perceived characteristics they have, like their race, religion, sex, or gender.” This week, when students see someone being mean, they’ll ask themselves if it’s harassment, bullying, or something else.

Grade 8:

The goals of this unit include students being able to:

  • Recognize bullying and harassment

  • Recognize that bullying and harassment happen because of individuals, but social and environmental factors also contribute to bullying and harassment

  • Recognize how social and environmental factors contribute to bullying and harassment in their school and community

  • Be prepared to take safe and responsible action to disrupt the factors that contribute to bullying and harassment at school

Lesson 8 is Understanding Bullying. Students reflected on your beliefs about bullying and harassment. They were given various scenarios and had to consider if it was okay behavior or was an example of bullying or harassment. This week, students will be looking for behaviors that are not okay, determining if it’s bullying or harassment, and reporting it to a trusted adult.

All of our students are able to report bullying and harassment via the Student Statement form on the Student Hub!

Halloween Events

Monday is Halloween. Please know that students are not able to wear costumes to school. We loved all of the creative costumes that we saw at the dance last night.

Our Lighthouse team would like to give a huge THANK YOU to our PTA and all parents and families who helped make our Halloween events a success! We appreciate all of the donations and volunteers - we couldn't have done it without you!

Student IDs Required

All students are required to wear their school provided ID with their lanyard every day. Please make sure that they leave the house with it around their neck each morning. If your child misplaced or never received their ID, please complete the form below and we will get that printed for them.

Quarter 1 RAPS Reward Party

We are really excited to celebrate our students at our first RAPS party for our kids. All students who have not had any suspensions this year will qualify for this awesome party on Friday, November 4th during their lunches!
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Parents, Sign Up to Donate or Chaperone BELOW


Stevenson Middle School will be hosting a vaccination clinic on Wednesday, November 9th from 9am-11am. We will be offering multiple vaccinations for adults and our students. Please fill out the form below so Wayne County Health Department can come to our clinic with all of the vaccines needed.

If you plan to attend, please complete the form under the graphic below.

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Please read the attached letter about our Book Fair that is coming up. We hope that you will participate the week of November 14-18 in our library.

Family Matters Parent Event

Family Matters Parent Event Western Wayne County Suicide Prevention Coalition has arranged three Family Matters presentations for parents. Keynote speaker Matt Emerzian will share his story. Our families are essential to the growth and well-being of our youth. When we create strong connections and sustain relationships within our families, our youth thrive– emotionally, socially, and academically.

Each presentation is free, and they will be identical. Please note: These mental health presentations are unsuitable for children (babies are fine), and registration is necessary. The event on 11/10 will be held at JGHS. Each presentation is free, and they will be identical. The presentations are spaced throughout our area in Western Wayne County to provide parents with options to best meet their schedules.

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60 Seconds in Wayne-Westland with Dr. Dignan and Dr. Ofili


  • “Thank You” to the Detroit Red Wings
  • College and Career Readiness Month
  • Administrator Recognition Day (Friday, October 14, 2022)
  • GEM Awards (Going the Extra Mile)

Behavior Expectations

We now have a full quarter of school behind us. We need your support in reminding students of our expectations. Please check out the RAPS Matrix that is attached below and review them with your child.

8th Grade Washington DC Trip

We are excited to announce that we will be taking our 8th grade students to Gettysburg and Washington D.C. with Adams and Franklin Middle School.

We have three buses reserved. The trip will be first come, first served. Once we fill one bus, students will be waitlisted to ensure we can fill a second bus. The waitlisted student’s trip will be confirmed once bus two fills. The same process will be in place for bus three. If we can not fill bus two or three, those waitlisted will be refunded. This is why it is very important to reserve your spot as soon as possible. You can do that here.