Be Smart with Your Smartphone

Death exists in a 5 inch Screen

Your Phone Could Ruin Your Life

Teenagers use their phones more than 50 hours per week. Kids across the world have been seriously injured or killed by using phones. To add it takes 30 minutes to get refocused after looking at a smartphone.

Do you think digital distraction is a big issue for learners today?


Yes, Digital distraction is a big issue because I definitely spend more than 53 hours in front of a screen a week. Another example is I fall asleep watching T.V. on my phone. I watch my T.V. as much as I use my phone. Just like me, the text states that the average teen spends 53 hours a week on their phone. Also, according to the text 80% of teens like me sleep with their phones.

How will this article change my cell phone usage?

I don't think it will affect my phone usage. I don't use my phone when dangerous now and don't plan to. The only dangerous thing that i do with my phone is sleep with it nearby.
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Mother in Law is Calling

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E.T. Text Home

The Mother in Law

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