The Cordless Drill.

By Mikey Gilliland

why did NASA make cordless drills ?

NASA needed to extract moon samples to see the make-up of the moon rock. So, they asked black and decker to accomplish the task. Even though Black and Decker had invented the cordless drill in 1961; NASA needed one that could work in microgravity. Eventually they made one and it was used on the moon in the apollo missions 15-17. Black and Decker's work on the cordless drill also led to the cordless vacuum " dustbuster".

The drill used during the Apollo missions 15-17 was used to acquire moon samples. First the drill would be inserted in to the ground until the desired depth is met. Next, when the the drill had met the required depth it would have been taken out. Finally, the moon rocks caught in the drill bit would have been taken out and put into a container.

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How we use the product everyday?

We use the drill on earth by drilling holes into numerous types of material and use drills to build. Though having the same function as the drill used on the moon, drilling into a material, ;it had to get smaller. So they changed the design. So eventually through many years we finally got to the design above. I would like to note that back and decker had invented the cordless drill 1961. The drill soon went from being half the size of an astronaut to being small enough to fit in your hand.