Helping Hands

Looking after orphaned children one by one

About the Creator

The creator of of our wonderful foundation "Helping Hands" is Rick Walker, someone who never met his parents. Rick was born in Fort Bragg, California and lived with his grandmother, who was in charge of him. Rick's grandmother passed away when he was 10 and Rick was left on his own. After that, Rick was moved into foster homes and many of them were not the best. He constantly jumped from school to school and did not have any friends. He was always bitter that his parents left him and that he had no one special in his life. At first, Rick gave up easily and did not like to work hard because he was constantly put in difficult situations. He stopped trying and did not care where he ended up. On page 32 it states, "His life was a mountain to climb, and it didn't have handholds." This shows that Rick does not even attempt to try. He thinks that his life is impossible and he doesn't do anything about it. Rick believed he was not going to be anyone special and there were no possibilities for him. This young man had no hope or self-confidence. But then Rick met Lon Peregrino, a bird biologist who changed Rick's life. Lon was a lot like Rick, never knowing his parents and living in foster homes his entire life. Lon gave Rick a lot of advice on how to live his life, since they were very similar. He told Rick to learn to move on told Rick of all the different possibilities there was in life. In the text it states, "'You have to move forward, wherever you are...'Too much anger will eat you up from the inside-you'll spend your life looking backward...'You gotta be willing to forgive.'"(131) Rick took the tips that Lon gave him and eventually became a better person. He forgave his parents for abandoning him and moved on. No longer did he give up and Rick believed in himself and had more confidence that he could do things.

About Us

In our society today, there are many children who live in foster homes or group homes and this is because the children do not have parents to support them. Foster children are children or adolescents who are raised by someone who is not their natural or adoptive parent. These children live a very difficult life because they have never met their parents or their parents passed away when they were young. Our program, "Helping Hands" is willing to support orphans and children in times of trouble.

Our Mission

All over the world, many children are being put in foster homes/group homes. We would like other children to learn more about orphans and to accept their differences. Foster children are not bad kids. We would like other children to become friends with children who live in group homes because those children never had anyone special in their lives. They live lonely lives because in group homes, the children are not necessarily cared for well. Our mission is to make sure that the foster children have people to support them and people to pick them up when they fall down. Also, after the foster children are at the age of 18, they are on their own. At the age 18, you are considered an adult. But do you think the foster children have any idea how to live and survive in this unpredictable world? "Helping Hands" would like to provide care for orphans after they are over the age of 18 and ensure their safety. If they are not doing well and are having a rough time, "Helping Hands" will be there to support them. Also, before we let them go out on their own, "Helping Hands" wants to educate the orphans so that they will know how to live a successful life.

Our Inspiration

Foster homes and orphans are very important to the protagonist because he was and still is an orphan. He lived in many group homes and went to a numerous amount of schools. In the text it states, "'In the last four years, he has lived in foster homes in Fresno, Stockton, Merced, and Sacramento, California, as well as a foster home and a group home here in Reno. During that time he has been enrolled in six different schools,"(4). Rick spent his life with a variety of diverse people. Rick knows a lot about orphans and foster homes because he spent his life living in many.

Rick disliked living in foster homes because many of them were not the best. He wanted actual parents to take care of him. In the text it states, "He was angry. He was angry about ending up in the group home after all his bad luck with the foster homes. He was still angry that his mother hadn't had the character to at least come and meet him after his grandmother died, that he'd never had so much as a photograph to help him form an image of his father,"(6). Rick had a tough time living in foster homes and he does not want other children to have the same experiences he had.

Foster homes influenced Rick's life because it gave him a negative view on life. In the text it states, "He was angry about ending up in the group home after all his bad luck with the foster homes,"(5). In foster homes, he was always put in tough situations.

The Root of this Program

On our Earth, there are 17,900,000 children who have lost their parents and are living in orphanages or are trying to survive on their own. They lack the care and attention that is required for a healthy life. In the United States, there are hundreds of thousands of children who do not have a permanent family. Too many children do not have parents.

How You Can Help

Are there any children in your school that live in group homes? There is no doubt that they are living a lonely life so if you ever encounter someone who is an orphan, make sure you go and be friends with them. Also, learn more about orphans and group homes. You never know, one day you might decide to adopt a child or make your house into a group home. As well as that, you can virtually adopt a child. Your family can adopt someone on the other side of the world and take care of them. You can donate food and money to the child's fund so that they can live a happy life. "Helping Hands" is willing to offer a hand, are you?