Bugs Outrage at St Daniels

Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs!!!!!!

Written By Taylor Kennedy

Yesterday morning at St Daniels High School a class of grade nine students had a massive bug attack in their homeroom at 8:40am. Hundreds of bugs came running out of James Scobie desk. It was alleged that another student planted these bugs in this particular desk of a students for payback.

Room 301 {Homeroom} was decorated with insects. They covered the walls, the ceilings and every so often insects darted across the floor. The insects were still crawling out of Scobie’s desk at that moment in time. Ishmael Lesuer a close friend of Scobie’s and in his class stated,” Most people knew that Basely was the one behind the bug incident, but everyone was too scared to tell.” It is alleged that it had all started in history class when Bagley said to Scobie, “Mate I can snap you in half like a pretzel, if you’re not afraid, you should be.” It was alleged that Bagesly had been plotting his payback all week from being embarrassed in front of his friends by Scobie and he was getting involved with a grade ten student to erupt this incident one homeroom morning.

A few minutes after this eruption Mr Barker the assistant principal and the homeroom teacher Miss Tarago arrived. The two teachers recalled that there was so much drama and that there were students screaming, crying and some students were jumping onto desks at that point of time. Everyone was out of control. Mr Barker and Miss Tarago were unaware that it was happening until they arrived. According to witnesses, when Miss Tarago arrived her scream was so loud that it could of busted people’s ear drums. It was Mr Barker’s last straw with all of this behaviour. He was questioning the class but no one came forward. Students were afraid to speak up and tell the teachers who had started the prank. The principal stated, “no one should be afraid to speak up, we are going to put a stop to all of this bullying at once.”

The desks were inspected and they had found the group of boys who had planted this prank. Which were Barry Bagley, Danny Wallace and Doug Savage. The three boy’s punishments were 1 month of detention, and they were on yard duty. The teachers had to keep an eye out for the three boys during school hours. The staff at St Daniels were extremely disappointed but, the person who was most disappointed out of the entire staff was the principal.

Students that witnessed the whole scenario said “Bagesly always got his own way and no one would stand up to him.” It’s upsetting that students do not feel safe in their own school. But at St Daniels Mr Barker said, “they are going to try to fix this as soon as possible, after they deal with Basely and his crew.”