Laura Bush Middle School

September 26, 2021

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Message from LCISD concerning illness:

We rely on you to help us keep our campus healthy. Please do your best to regularly monitor your child for the following symptoms:

  • fever greater than 100°F
  • cough
  • congestion or runny nose
  • headache
  • stomach ache
  • chills
  • body aches
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • NEW onset of loss of taste or smell

Any of the above symptoms may be indicative of COVID-19 or other contagious illnesses. If your child is exhibiting these symptoms, please keep your child home for additional monitoring and call the campus office to report illness. If symptoms continue or worsen, please contact your family medical provider for guidance. If you suspect that your child has COVID-19 and you do not have access to testing, please contact the campus nurse for assistance.

If you need to report that your child has a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19, please report this via phone call to the campus (do not come onto the campus).

September "Pirates of the month"

Congratulations to the following students on being selected for this outstanding recognition!!

6th Grade - Andrew Ferris and Peyton Zerbe

7th Grade - Jackson Funk and Lainey Wagner

8th Grade - Ryan Rodriguez and Kennedy Basham

Morning tutorials

This is a reminder that students are welcome to attend tutoring Tuesday - Friday at 7:45 am if they are falling behind or need a little extra help understanding content. Please encourage your student to have an EHallpass created by specific teachers the day before. They will know what that means!!

Student Incentive

Every now and then, we like to reward students with a little free time for taking care of business. We call this time "Pirate Pride." We discussed this with students on the second day of school. They know that this is a pre-loaded incentive that they have to EARN. Therefore, it's 100% on them. If all goes well this week, we would like to have our first Pirate Pride on Friday, October 1st. Pirate Pride usually lasts 50-60 minutes and a concession stand will be available.

Criteria to Qualify - see pic below

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Fields of Faith

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Please read the flyer below for information on this new club at LBMS.
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Homecoming Spirit Days

We will align with LCHS for the Homecoming Spirit Days during the week of October 4th.

Mums and Garters will be allowed on Friday. We ask that all bells be taped to limit distractions.

Please see the graphic below:

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Student ID Badges

Please remind your child to place their ID in their backpack when school is done for the day. This will ensure that students have it at the beginning of each day and avoiding unnecessary frustrations. Remember that there is a $5 replacement fee if they lose their badge.

If a student forgets their badge, they will need to call someone to have it delivered to school or they can purchase a new one at that time. Again, this is a mandatory thing, so student discipline will be assessed for not complying. Please see the infographic below for more information regarding what the district expectations are for the badge system.

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Cross Country Schedule

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Kyle Hendrix

Assistant Principals

Lance Lewis

Brittany Brown


Martha Zielinski

Karla Venable