LVMS Weekly Newsletter

Week of January 22, 2018

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Jan 25 - Boys Basketball HOME/Girls Basketball AWAY @ Blanco

Jan 25 - PTO Chilli Cook Off

Jan 25 - School Store ReOpens

Jan 26 - 2nd Nine Week Academic/Attendance Awards

Jan 26 - Academic UIL Competition (Florence)

Jan 26 - Early Release

Feb 9 - School Dance


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Cheerleading Tryouts


There will be a MANDATORY Parent/Candidate meeting

Where- LVMS Cafeteria

Who- All candidates AND parents/guardians

When- February 15th 2018 @ 7pm

Feel Free to reach out to Mrs. Hergenreder with any questions regarding this meeting



GT Referrals for Grades 1-12

Just a reminder that Lago Vista ISD accepts referrals for students in grades 1-12 to be screened for Gifted and Talented services. We have two referral windows per year (Fall = October 1st and Spring = February 1st). Note: ALL kindergarteners are screened in the late spring (with parent/guardian consent), so referrals are not accepted for kindergarteners.

You may access the referral form on our Gifted and Talented page and they must be returned to the front office with a parent/guardian signature by the deadline of February 1st.

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2nd Nine Weeks Academic Awards

The 2nd Nine Weeks Academic Awards will be held in the upper gym at LVMS on Friday, Jan 26 @ 820am. Whether you are supporting you child or another, we want you to have the opportunity to come and celebrate their accomplishments! This is an early release day, and the UIL competition date, so we hope to make it a day of celebrating ACADEMIC SUCCESS!

UIL Academic Competition


LVMS is looking to make it 4 YEARS in a row as UIL Champions! More information will come shortly as we learn more information regarding travel arrangements!

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We of course want to see your child in school everyday, but we recognize they will miss for a variety of reasons related to their lives outside of school. We've included the Spring testing calendar that you may use as you plan your respective families events for the semester.

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Shirts for Sale

Help support the Lago Vista Vikings and the LVMS NJHS!
Get your Viking Gear NOW to help you stay warm during the cool weather season.

This fundraiser is to help with NJHS New Member Induction Ceremony, National Membership Fee, and to support NJHS activities.

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School Dance

LVMS will be hosting a school dance on February 9, 2018 from 6:30-9:00pm! Admission is $5.00 and concessions will be available!


We need your help!

PTO will host a Chili Cook-off for our next teacher luncheon on Thursday, January 25th. Do you have the winning chili recipe? This year our teachers will decide the best submission! Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.

As always, thanks for everything you do to make Lago Vista Middle School awesome!

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Wondering What Happened to Your Child's Lunchbox?

We probably have it; and their shoes; and their sweatshirts; and their coats; and their water bottles; and their backpacks.....Please have your children look through the lost and found at LVMS for items you know they wore/brought to school, but have never seen again. Lunch boxes and water bottles will be in the cafeteria by the microwaves. Clothing and all other items will be in the atrium area just off outside of the front office. We will be coordinating with clothing closets to receive our unclaimed clothing items very soon!
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Yearbook Pricing

$35 to OWN

Click HERE to see what options are available.

You make the memories and we'll do the rest,

The 2018 Lago Vista Middle School Yearbook Staff


LVMS is proud to present Project Vinátta, our very first "No Place for Hate" student-led, anti-hate/anti-bullying coalition. It's called Project Vinátta, for that's the Viking word for friendship. Students participating in Project Vinátta will be conducting a variety of inclusive, anti-hate activities within the school and community throughout the year. Students had the opportunity to fill out an application to explain why they would be an asset to the group. The Project Vinátta Coalition will begin developing activities this week during Skolar time.

Any parents who might be interested in serving as the parent representative on our Project Vinátta Coalition, please refer to the application and video link below.

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When: 7:45am - 8:10am

Where: Viking Hall

What's Available: Tuesday and Thursday ELA and Social Studies

Wednesday and Friday Math and Science

How To Access: Tutorial Request Form on our Website at the link below

Copies of the TRF will also be available to students in their classrooms, in the cafeteria, and in the front office and library.

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LVMS Vikings Doing What They Do!