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March 5, 2021

Updates for March 5

  • On Tuesday last week we had a fantastic salute to Dr. Seuss by our Primary students and teachers! I know you'll enjoy the photos below of the fun and creative outfits.

  • 8th grade projects were presented on Wednesday. The Upper School students and faculty were impressed by the research and the poise of the student presenters. These big projects are a rite of passage for students who will be starting high school next year. Well done, 8th graders!

  • Upper elementary had a special guest on Thursday - our school founder, Karen Holt. She joined the class for a special reading and some quiet Tibetan bell work. The students were so engaged you could have heard a pin drop!

  • It's almost that time - Spring Forward to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, March 14. Go ahead and set your reminder now!

Hoping you have a wonderful week,,

Dr. Dana Hill

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

March 19 - All Programs Closed

March 22 - IT-UE closed for Conference Day, IT-PR extended day available

April 2 - All Programs Closed

April 5-9 - Spring Break - All Programs Closed, IT-PR extended day available

Dr. Seuss Day

Primary students had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss characters and parade across campus on Tuesday. They also got to try green eggs and ham when they returned to their classes! See this album for many more photos from the event.
Big picture
Big picture

Horticulture Harvest

Lower Elementary students harvested lettuce, Swiss chard, radishes, and carrots to use in their green salad lunch the following day. See photos and a video below.
Big picture
Big picture
Tiny Carrots

Composition and Value Study

The High School Art 1 class has been studying the importance of composition and value in design. Looking at a still life of vases, students planned their compositions and major value shapes before beginning their charcoal drawings. Students were challenged to create a composition with three major value shapes. They also had to incorporate an insect (from their previous unit) somewhere in the composition. One student chose to use a midtone for their major value shape (the background), a light value for their medium shape (the table), and finally a dark (the vases) for the smallest. Another student chose a midtone for their largest value shape, a light value for the medium shape, and a dark value for their smallest. Can you identify where these were used? Hint: squinting makes it easier to see values.

Jump Rope Skills

Students in Mrs. Patch's PE class are learning to jump rope. This student is practicing her jump rope skills.
Jump Rope Skills
Jumping Rope
Jump Rope Practice

Probability Project

Students in Mr. Saunier's Middle School math class have started work on creating a probability-based game of chance. They will determine all the possible outcomes and the probability of success. They will compare the predicted probability of success to an experimental outcome over the next week.


Students in Mr. Saunier's High School Chemistry course are learning about various gas laws. During a lab on Tuesday, the students were able to see a demonstration of the properties of gasses as Mr. Saunier heated water in a flask, sealed the top of the flask with a hard-boiled egg, and then dipped the flask in an ice bath. The decreasing pressure within the flask created a vacuum that sucked the egg inside the flask. For more photos and an animation of the egg being sucked into the flask, see this link.
Big picture

Virtual Flag Ceremony

This Upper Elementary student shared a quote by Maria Montessori and what the quote means to her during this week's virtual flag ceremony.
March 1 Virtual Flag Ceremony Quote of the Week

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