The Federation of Australia


Key Figures of Federation

Sir Henry Parkes was known as The Father of Federation because he had the initial idea for federation. His speeches, such as the 'Tenterfield Oration' were very influential during the movement towards Federation.
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Life in the 1880's

In the 1880's there were a gold rush colonies. Migrants came to the colonies in the hope of making a fortune. Most people were white and spoke English.

Women began to enter the workforce employed as house servants and factory workers. Many people moved between colonies for work. To move between colonies they needed to pass the border with their papers as they were moving between separate authorities. Even the train lines did not continue and the train tracks were different sizes.

Laws were made giving Aboriginal protectors the power lines make decisions on Aboriginal people's lives. In 1882, the government run telephone exchange opened at the Sydney general post office. People needed to go to the post office to make a phone call!

*school systems were teaching partism.

Reasons for federation

Before 1901, Australia was not a nation with an Australia constitution. Instead Australia was made up of different colonies and this was a problem people began to think.
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Establishing The Australian Constitution

On January 1,1901 commonwelth of Australia constion act came into effect

Federation Celebrations

Australia deligates and the british secutary met in London and reached a compromise on the draft Australia constinufion in July 1900.

This small colabration was the start of many, to become a new nation.

on 9 may celibrations were Melboune where the first Commonwelth Parliment woud sit. Its 75 House of represenatives and 36 senators pledged an oarth of allengins.

In 1901 Edmund barton was the first Prime Minister of Australia.
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