5 Themes of Austin

Tevinh Nguyen

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This map of Texas shows Austin's relative location. It shows that Austin has a river running through it and it is in central Texas. Austin is south of Temple and north east of San Antonio.

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These are all maps in which Austin could be classified as a region. The picture on the left shows that Texas is in the Southwest region of the united states. The picture in the middle shows the average maximum temperatures throughout the united states and which ones have similar climates to ours. And the final picture on the right shows that politically we are in the United States of America and that is our nation.

Human Enviroment Interaction

These pictures are all of how humans have changed the environment in Austin. Our first picture on the left is showing a sprinkler with a lawn and children playing in it. We have adapted our environment in many properties by adding non native grasses that look nice. To keep many grasses alive they need an irrigation system for water. Many Texans have sprinkler systems and sometimes children play in them to cool off. The second picture in the middle is an air conditioning unit. It shows that it is hot here it Texas and to try to handle many residents of Austin have installed air conditioning. Our final picture is the capitol building in Austin, Texas. It shows that we have altered our environment by building buildings. These are all ways residents of Austin interact with their environment.