Haeley Williams-Smith

Paradise Island, Bahamas

Getting There

On December 9th at 10:45am my partner and I will ditch Denver, then we will land in Atlanta, Georgia land at 3:40pm. Have an 2 hour delay then hop aboard the plane at 5:40 and land peacefully in Paradise Island, Bahamas at 8:00pm. Then on Thursday December 18th at 2:00pm we will take off from Paradise Island, Bahamas then land in Atlanta, Georgia at 4:12pm. Switch planes and wait for an delay of 2hours and 43minutes. Then hop onto the plane in Atlanta, Georgia at 6:55pm and land back in Denver, Colorado at 8:15pm. Buckle your seats and get ready for take off!

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Where to Stay

During our wonderful trip to Paradise Island, we will need a place to call home. They're are many wonderful places on the island but I believe that Harbor Side Resorts fits us best. In our one bedroom delux villa we will have a king bed, master bathroom, kitchen, dining room, sofa, entertainment center and our very own private patio. This fits us well because it's just the two of us. For our ten night stay here at the Harbor Side Resorts we will pay $220 dollars a night which brings us to a total of $1,980 for our ten night stay!

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During our trip we plan to Snorkel The Ruins Of Atlantis. This breath taking experience consists of 30 minutes of snorkeling time but a total of 60 minutes for the trip. We will discover the lost city and artifacts of Atlantis. Underwater we will discover sharks, spotted rays and brilliantly colored sea life such as tropical fish. This tour is $109 dollars but for the both of us it will be $218 dollars!

Then HappyTrails Stables and take one of their morning horse back riding tours across the warm beach. Happy Trails sends out someone to pick you up from your hotel early in the morning, then takes you to Happy Trails where they give you some quick instruction and send you off with a professional rider to guide you on you journey! During this wonderful experience you will watch the sun rise over the water as you ride a beautiful horse through the wonderful waters of Atlantis. This adventure will cost us around $150 per person of $300 each.

Also Reel Dreams Bahamas beach trip will be on our list. On this one day trip we will relax on Sandy Clay or otherwise known as Gilligans Island where the 1965 James Bond movie "Thunderball" was filmed.

Too add too our wonderful Paradise Island, Bahamas vacation we will take an trip too The Atlantis Hotel's waterpark. At this waterpark we will have too purchase an visitors pass because were not staying at the hotel. At this waterpark you could adventure the great Mayan Temple waterslide which plunges you five stories into an glass tube with live sharks all around you! Also at this waterpark you could ride many more exciting adventurous rides and slides!


A problem we may run into would be transportation. Without a car, we would have a lot of walking to do! My solution for this would be too rent a Compact Suzuki Swift from Avis Car Rental shop for $90.45

Another problem I may run into would be not having cash. Form what I hear most places in Paradise Island, Bahamas only take cash, no cards.

I believe and understand that the Bahamas dollars are the exact same amount as U.S. dollars. Therefore, I will not have too change out my money before I leave.


During my research for this spectacular vacation I realized that in the near future I would actually enjoy and love spending some time here. With an average temperature of 70-90 and an wet and dry climate I could totally unwind and enjoy our time here. Just looking at the glamorous photos that the tourists have taken there sparks my attention. Not too mention the shimmering white sandy beaches and soothing turquoise water with an frothy pina colada smoothie and your partner, I don't think life could get any better!

About the Traveler

I'm Haeley Williams-Smith! I enjoy taking lots of photos and exploring new places. Even though I've traveled too/-through 24 states in the United States I've never been out of the United States. In the near future I hope/-plan too travel out of the country too places such as Mexico, Domican Republic and of course Paradise Island, Bahamas!