THS Girl's Lacrosse

Week 6

Game Time!

What a week! I am so proud of the girl's after this past week, as it was a busy one. We had practices, games, volunteering, film, and two pasta dinners. The girls may think the pasta dinners are just for the food, but there are more reasons why we get together to break some bread. We must learn that our team is a family, and the relationships we foster now will turn over onto the field. They will also stay with the girls, even after the wins and losses. Relationships are #1.

Then we had two games, first an intense win against Broad Run, with a final score of 11-10. The intensity level was soaring through the roof! It could have been a state championship! Following that game is hard, especially with an away game against Loudoun County. There we took a hard loss, and learned the importance of getting in the right mind set to play a game.

Finally, we ended the week with a full day of volunteering on Saturday. All day the girls committed to giving back to the athletic department, and helped first loading and unloading mulch into trucks, and then standing on major intersections around here to advertise for mattresses. This shows our team sense of responsibility and the importance of giving back to an athletic department that gives us incredible facilities, a stadium field, new uniforms, equipment, and more!

Practice Player of the Week

I am proud to announce this week's practice player of the week is...Rachel Nibbelink! Rachel is gaining this week's practice player of the week because every single day she comes to practice ready to get after it. I have never heard her complain, say anything negative, get in her head, or bring herself down. She. Just. Gets. After. It. And we are so impressed with her fire and grit. Keep it up Rachel. You are setting the tone.