Oregon Trail

please join us to oregon

what to bring

It is very important to pack important things but only important things, because if you pack to much, oxen will slow down and it wil take you forever to get there. So this is a good list of what to bring, leather shoes, tricorn hat, breeches, silk, mop, gown if you a gal, night gown, fire starter, crops, and stuf to plant the crops. (Meg jernigan, nd)

about the trail

The day we start heading to oregon we me by the boats in Independence Missori the trail is about 2,000 miles and will take 4-6 mounths but it, has some dangers such as, tiers breaking, cholrea, snakes, weather, hunger, dehidartion. There will also be a river crossing so be carefull with that. (Meg Jernigan, nd)
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