Get a Grenada Travel Authorization

A Grenada Travel Authorization (also known as a Grenada Passport) is a internationally recognized passport issued and issued by the Grenada administration. It doesn't have any particular country information on it, but rather contains a request and entry destination. Only a Grenada Travel Authorization Certificate can be used to authorize travel beyond the territorial waters of Grenada. For some travelers, such a passport is essential when visiting Grenada.

There are many reasons why one would require a Grenada Travel Authorization, and these include leaving the island of Grenada to visit relatives or for any other purpose that makes travel to the island mandatory. For example, there are those who wish to visit Spain, Grenada's neighbor, for tourist purposes. Tourists often fly to Grenada, then return to Spain. Others may require a Grenada travel permit to visit San Juan de Dios, the capital of Grenada. A valid passport is required for any of these reasons. A Grenada passport could be your ticket.

But what if you were flying to Grenada to visit family and decide to stay? Would you still need a valid passport? This is the question many travelers ask when making a travel decision. Yes, you still would need a valid passport upon presentation of a valid Grenada Travel Authorization, as mentioned above. The reason is simple Grenada does not have a consulate in Spain like most of its neighbors.

You must visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of Grenada to obtain your passport. These offices are located in San Juan de Dios, a town that is considered to be the economic hub of Grenada. If you are there, you can obtain a Grenada travel authorization form from the offices. This is also where you will obtain a copy of your passport. You may also visit the consular office in Barcelona to apply for your passport if you prefer.

Once you have obtained your passport from the authorities it is time for you to visit the Granada Airport. At the airport's Air Traffic Control (ATC), they will verify your identity (including your Grenada Travel Authorization) and issue a temporary visa. You then board a domestic or international flight to reach your intended destination.

When traveling abroad, you must have your travel document and any additional documents. These include your passport, check-in information, itinerary, and any other items that indicate your intended travel. You may check in with the airline company before your flight if you are coming from a different destination than where you've purchased tickets. However, you should not check in unless you have your Grenada Travel Authorization or an itinerary in hand that includes all your destinations. You can also get a Grenada travel document in an emergency without requiring a visa. For more information, contact your local travel agency.