Journey to the Middle Ages


King William

Biographical Info;
  • William 1 (William the Conqueror) nickname "Rufus"
  • Lived in the southern coast of England
  • He was a powerful king and a man of immense determination
Memorable Moments;
  • In the spring of 1066 he crossed the English Channel with Norman Knights and defeats his enemy Harold during the Battle of Hastings
  • King William exacts a terrible punishment on the rebels in the North of England.
  • His famous quote is, "Look I have already grasped my kingdom."
  • Married Matilda of Flanders and had six daughters and four sons
  • He kept all the powers of the Anglo-Saxon monarchy. He levied danegeld, the only national tax on landed property in Europe at that time.
  • William put down several local rebellions, he took lands from those who resisted him, he kept some of the land for himself, also he gave the rest to his loyal followers.
  • In 1085 created "Domesday Book", and this was the first official record of the property holders in England and the amount of land they held.

King John

Biographical Info;
  • John also known as John Lackland
  • Lived in England from 24 December 1166 – 18/19 October 1216
  • He was a very short-tempered person and very greedy
Memorable Moments
  • In 1215, there was a war called, "First Barons' War," because he refused to accept and abide by the Magna Carta.
  • On July 27 1214, King John was defeated at the Battle of Bouvines and was forced to accept an unfavorable peace with France
  • A quote from King John is "Mad World! Mad Kings! Mad Composition!"
  • On August 24, 1200, King John married Isabelle of Angouleme and had five children.
  • King John had to make a decision to sign the Magna Carta that he did not like.
  • King John made the navy very strong, also he made sure that trials in courts were fairer and made England richer.
  • King John had to accept a document called Magna Carta also known as the "Great Carter." This document agreed to not collect taxes from nobles without their consent or take their property without paying for it.

Joan of Arc

Biographical info
  • Joan of Arc also known as The Maid Of Orleans
  • Lived in France
  • She was highly religious, courageous and determined
Memorable Moments
  • At the age of 15, Joan of Arc she lead French soldiers to victory the English at the Battle of Orleans.
  • She had went and met the king of France, King Charles VII, and told him she was sent from the gods.
  • A quote that she made is, "I am not afraid, I was born to do this."
  • Joan jumped from a 60 foot tower and did not have no broken bones or anything, she was just stunned.
  • During the 100 Years War, she helped Charles VII become king of France. She helped the French win they were about to lose.
  • Without Joan of Arc France would not be France today.
  • Joan of Arc accomplished rousing the French against the English during the 100 Years War.
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