ABC's Bullying

By Alexis JaDoul

What To Do and Ideas

A - M

Adult: If you see someone getting bullied, find a trusted adult that can help stop the problem.

Brave: Be brave and help stand up to the bully for someone or yourself.

Carefully: Carefully approach the situation in a calm fashion then yell at the bully.

Drama: Don't go around telling everyone what happened without permission.

Eye-witness: If you're the eye-witness, act or tell an adult.

Figure out: Try and understand wants going on before you do anything.

Group: If a group of people are bullying one or couple people, you can help and stand up to the group of bullies.

Hurry: Don't wait days after it happens, try telling that day or the next day.

Immature: Don't be immature if you're going to stand up.

Joke: Even if the bully says its a joke, still tell someone, it could still hurt the victim.

Knowledge: Use common sense when standing up, don't be a bully back.

Lifelong: Being bullied can scar someone for life, be reminded by the bad things.

Moment: It may only be a moment someone is getting bullied but it can happen often.

N - Z

Never: Never ever let people feel alone when they are having a hard time.

Open: Open a helping hand to the victim, make sure they know you're there for them.

Place: Remember where the bullying took place at and the time to report it for later.

Quit: Quit the bully(s) from saying hurtful words.

Reanalyze: Reanalyze the problem after to remember what happened so you can clearly tell an adult.

Study: Study wants going on and try planing out the outcome.

Try: At least try and act and help someone being bullied.

Unique: Everyone is different, deal with it.

Volume: Use a low volume, a voice level of around 2, so the bully can hear you.

Words: Words can hurt as much as physical pain. That's why words should be punished too.

X-out: X-out any hurtful comments you hear. Get the person to stop saying anything that maybe hurtful.

Zero: Zero tolerance if the bully has excuses.