anastrophe investigation

(investigate a literary device)

about anastrophe

Anastrophe (a.nas.tro.phe) is when the noun and adjectives in a sentence is switched

like if you were told to sort out a truck and some cars from heaviest to lightest then you put the truck as the lightest and cars as heaviest just with the noun and adjectives in a sentence


  • everting
  • inversion
  • upending
  • eversion


  • anastrophy (a.nas.tro.phy) -turning a sentence into an anastrophie
  • anastrophies (a.nas.tro.phie.s) -multiple anastrophe
  • anastrophic (a.nas.tro.phic) - having a physical property that has a different value when measured in different directions (google dictionary)


and thats the need to know basis of anastrophy ( the end )