Virunga Mountain Gorillas

Save Them

Why They're Endangered

Sage Wells

Virunga mountain gorillas are one the verge of becoming extinct for many reasons.

One reason is there’s a civil war going on. This gives the gorillas a bad chance of being accidentally shot. In addition the forests are being cut down. Since the gorillas live in these forests they're losing habitat and the gorillas have no place to live. The third reason is gorillas are killed for food and bushmeat trade. The last reason gorillas and going extinct is gorillas can catch human illnesses because of how close we are to them. Those are the some of the ways the gorillas are going extinct. But don’t worry, there are ways you can help.

What Will Happen If Gorillas Go Extinct

The Virunga Gorillas are very important to the mountain ecosystem and to the ecotourism.

The Gorillas are very important to the ecosystem. If the gorillas go extinct the plants they eat will over grow. Plus their predators, like the leopards, will under populate. The gorillas are also important to the ecotourism. If the gorillas stay alive, then the community will make more money. How you ask? Tourists! Over a lifetime gorillas makes 2.5 million dollars by having people pay to observe them in their natural habitat. This money is then given back to the community. So, the gorillas are actually really important to everyone.


Many organizations are trying to help the Virunga gorillas.

One way the gorillas are being helped is a caring center, “The Senkwekwe Center.” The center is for gorilla orphans that have most likely seen their family members killed before their eyes. There is also the International Gorilla Conservation the conservation does many things to help the gorillas. They teach people how to use their resources correctly so they don't hurt the gorillas homes. They are also putting in a better sanitation system so humans are less likely to pass illnesses to the gorillas.

Adopt a gorilla from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund!

What You Can Do

You can "Adopt A Gorilla." This isn't like adopting a puppy it's not like a house pet. It's more like sponsoring a gorilla. By adopting you protect the gorilla. Your money goes towards getting food and shelter for the gorilla that you've adopted. This is an amazing program and a great way to help.
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Where Its Happening

The Virunga Mountain region is one of the only places you can see mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. But as you can see, their numbers are shrinking so fast they may not be their for much longer!

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