Differences of Meiosis and Mitosis

Created by Falisity Smith and Candice Marotta.

Differences of Meiosis.

  • Meiosis is a two-stage form of cell division used only in the sex organs to produce gametes.
  • Meiosis differs from Mitosis in that during prophase genetic material may be exchanged between the chromatids.
  • Meiosis is sexual reproduction.
  • Meiosis occurs in humans, animals, plants, and fungi.
  • Meiosis goes through 2 divisions.
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Differences of Mitosis.

  • Mitosis is the process by which most body cells reproduce themselves.
  • Mitosis occurs in all organsims.
  • Mitosis is asexual reproduction.
  • Mitosis only goes through one cell division, and is divided into four stages: Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. Cell division ends at Cytokinesis.
  • Every cell is genetically identical in Mitosis.
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