Down a Dark Hall

By: Lois Duncan

Story Elements

Down a Dark Hall takes place in Blackwood school for girls during the present. The main conflict in the story is that Kits having paranormal experiences but nobody believes her. The book begins with Sandy running to Kits room because she noticed that something strange was going on with Kit. Kits door was locked and Sandy kept on knocking but Kit wouldn't open up.
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Character Analysis

The main character is that Kit. Three words to describe the main character are artistic, brave, and surprising. The character is motivated by this person named Ellie which is a spirit in her room who talks to her at night and gives her signs. I like about Kit was that she wasn't scared and tried to figure out who it is. The relationship between Kit and Sandy is that they are best friends who went to the same school together.
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The theme of the novel is Blackwood school for girl is haunted! One example is Kit left her room through the window she saw that somebody locked her door with the light on. Another example is that Kit ran into her room and hallways but saw nobody she knew something strange was going on. A third example from the book is Kit saw a person on her mirror but she turned around to look but nobody was their either. A final example that supports theme is while Kit was sleeping somebody was talking to her and woke her up she found out that its name was Ellie.


Teens may relate to this novel. Why? Because their are many spirits, ghosts, etc. out there its not as common but it can happen to any adult or teenager. They may experience this just about anywhere. It usually happens in old places. Their are also a few people who make bad spirits go away and talk to them try to communicate with them.
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