High School Men's Summer Activities

Montevista Study Center, Co-Sponsor

Dear Grade Participants,

Together with Chaucer Drive Study Center in Houston and Wingren Study center in Dallas, our Montevista Study Center in San Antonio, is proud to co-sponsor again this year the following Summer Activities for High School Men and those entering 9th grade.

Online Applications are now being accepted via the 3 hyperlinks below, but hurry, time and space are limited!

High School & Beyond

For entering 9th graders only, June 13 - 19 at Featherock Conference Center, Schulenburg, Texas

In its 14th year, these carefully tailored classes and activities assist entering 9th graders in planning their adult life - intellectually, professionally and spiritually.

Registration extended to April 10, 2016!!! Register now!!!

See: http://chaucercenter.net/middleschool/high-school-beyond

Leadership for America

For qualified Texas high schoolers, Jun 21-26 at Featherock Conference Center, Schulenburg, Texas

A college-level seminar series led by college professors that explores the foundations and practices of a free and just society .
Register now!!!

See: http://chaucercenter.net/high-school/leadership-for-america-2016

LCT (Leadership Camp Texas) Rangers, Junior & Senior Counselors

At Stoney Creek Ranch, New Ulm, TX for seasoned, mature high school & college men:

Ranger & Counselor Training: June 30-July 1

Leadership Camp Texas itself: July 2-8

Register now!!!

See: http://chaucercenter.net/high-school/lct

Contact: Montevista LCT Selection Committee, Carlos Lorenzo (head


The spiritual care of these activities is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

If after opening and reading the above hyperlinks you have more questions, please contact me right away.

Jim Keenan

Director - The Grade in San Antonio

Cell: 713-703-3153

Email: jim@jckeenan.com