Serving Others

The Importance of Generosity

December Monthly SEL Concept

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Spotlight on Service

Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back

Inspired by the Value of Giving Back, Teen Leads Foundation to Empower At-Risk Girls


Giving back makes a difference, and it, very simply, just feels good. What is one act of service that you can do today, big or small?

We'd also like to suggest inviting each person in your classroom or on your team to commit to an act of service this month. Write it down. Make it happen! :-)

Infographic: Benefits of Compassion

Suggested Activity for Students

Allow students to explore making a positive difference in other people's lives through service learning.

Learn more about service learning from Edutopia.

Access a classroom activity to deepen the student understanding of charity.

10 Acts of Kindness for Kids

Get Your Read On!

Resources for Parents

A Little Inspiration