By: Ta'kobe Staggs

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Have you heard of an animal that has been around with the dinosaurs and that is still around to this day? I'm going to tell you about the physical characteristics, food chain,and fun facts about the alligator! Keep reading to find out more interesting facts about the alligator.

Physical charecteristics

Have You seen an animal that can blend in the water? The alligator has other unique physical characteristics. First, the alligator has razor like teeth.They can weigh up to the same size of a baby elephant. Second the alligator has scaly skin,it is rough on its back but is smooth on the sides.Also the alligator has a pretty long snout. Lastly the alligator is in the top 5 of being the biggest animal in the USA. If you want to find out more characteristics about the alligator keep reading to find out more.

Food chain

Let me tell you about this awesome characteristic. My AMBITIOUS ALLIGATORS prey is Fish,Birds,And sometimes even Deer.The Alligator hunts its prey like a ninja. I'm sorry to tell you this but my Alligator can be eaten by big cats such as Jaguars, and leopards and huge snakes. This beast of a Alligator eats meat and plants so in that case its called a omnivore.The Alligator is a predator and prey.

Alligator food chain

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Fun facts

1. The Alligator has been living on Earth for millions of years.

2.The Alligator has a powerful bite. But Their muscles are weak.

3 Depending on the temperature a alligator egg can be male or female.

4. Alligators are everyone's worst fear when it comes to being bite.

5. Alligators do not breathe like other animals.


I'm sorry but this must come to an end the dinosaurs... but not like my alligator. So now that you know the physical characteristics, food chain, and some fun facts about an alligator. if you see an alligator up close back away gentle.