Jeffery T. Jenkins


All about me and stuff.

Hi there my name is Jeffery Jenkins and I'm an art student at Tolles Career & Technical center. I've been drawing and painting for 10+ years and won a contest in 5th grade to be shown in the Columbus Museum Art which kicked off my desire to seek a job in art. I plan on going to CCAD for fine arts and then getting my Ph.D in psychology, once I have both I want to start a group for troubled kids to help them express themselves through a healthy mediums such as art, music, or writing.

Math and Art are pals

We use math in ADC all the time for all sorts of different uses and through all different media. Even though we don't use precise measurements when sketching or painting we use a lot of precise measuring and ratios in prep work. In photoshop and illustrator you have to measure pixels per inch or measure the surface area of a canvas so you know the approximate amount of paint to prepare for your canvas.

How math and art collide