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The Unknown Girl By: Courtney B.


I was always the girl who would sit in the back of the class, the girl who would never raise her hand or talk during class. I wasn't the girl who was the teachers pet thank goodness, no those were the girls and boys who would spend all their time getting there extra work done and ending up with an A++ at the end of the year. I also got pretty good grades the lowest I have ever gotten was a C which in my family means I at least get the computer taken away for two days. The only reason why my mom takes away the computer and not my phone is because I never really use my phone and I am always on the computer normally typing, blogging, talking to my friends on chatzy, or watching youtube videos. So basically I have spent half of my life on my computer. I only have one friend and her name is Sara, she is the best, she is also from ohio and loves one of my favorite bands called One Direction . I don't have many friends, because I have a HUGE secret that only I know well and Sara oh and my family knows too. My secret I will tell if you read my book and so here is your chance my life story turned into a story.