GISD Summer Learning 2015

Your Summer Learning Questions Answered

Q. I have just registered for 1 Schoolnet Learning Session and several sessions at NFHS. Will this meet my requirement?

A. If you are a content area teacher and attend an SNL session during the summer, you qualify for the Learn One, Earn Two incentive. You will earn an extra day in your classroom during August In-service week as well as January 4 as a flex day. Exceptions: PE, CTE, Fine Arts, Library and Year 3 intervention campuses. They will attend training during in-service and will only earn Jan 4.

Q: Does the registration through Sched communicate with Oracle? Is it necessary for the Summer PD to be in Oracle as well?

A: Registration through Sched will be transferred to Oracle automatically after each learning session. There is no need for attendees to access Oracle to enroll. Their attendance will appear in their learning history shortly after the session.

Q: Campuses that are in year three of the intervention model will need to attend training. If teachers at these campuses attend the summer PD, will these teachers receive an additional flex day during a different part of the school year?

A: Year three intervention campuses will have a 1/2 day of iTeam PD during their in-service week (August 18th). They will not earn an extra flex day during a different part of the school year, however, by attending SNL before in-service week (or through the virtual class) they will earn the January 4th flex day.

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