Crimes Effecting The Community

Yesenia p.6

Crisis: Two Towns Of Jasper

The crisis in the Two Towns Of Jasper was the killing of James Byrd JR. This had a big impact on not only the black community, but also the white community.

Crisis: James Brown

The crisis in the James Brown documentary was the riots developing through out the towns over the devastating death of MLKJ

What role did leaders play in shapeing the way a community respondes to a crisis and preventing other crises

In the James brown documentary James Brown was the leader. After martins death, the people of the black community were left in devastation. Riots started forming through the streets. The governor thought that if James brown performed at the garden , this would stop the people from ruining there own community. In the second documentary, Walter Diggles was the leader.


Durring the 1950'sand 60's why did blacks and whites never mix?


What did the fence represent that separated the cemetery from blacks and whites in the town of jasper?

Colored lines very clearly drawn

When James Brown performed at the garden, what did the concert cause

The healing effect

Why was the town of jasper consider the two towns?

race relations

What was brought together by having the blacks and whites both show up at the James Byrd trial?

Jasper Texas 1999 - John Wayne King Trial