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Volume 6, Issue 32

Leadership Representatives Identified for 2016-2017

As I spoke about in our May staff meeting when introducing the building leadership opportunities for next year, I am always impressed by the high level of interest and willingness to get involved by all of our staff. While this time around was no exception. We once again had more volunteers than we have positions, a great problem to have.

I wanted to let you all know that the following people will be fulfilling the roles of our key leadership positions next year.

Building Instructional Leadership: Holly Bartholow, Ben Ficklin, Sarah Loechler, Carrollyn Schuldt, Missy Short, Kristen Stout, and Melissa Wagner

POINT Mentorship: Brian Anderson, Vicky Hilzendeger, and Olivia Williamson

Policies and Operations Committee: Jaymi Drogseth and Anne Freese

Once again, thank you all for your continued commitment to getting involved in helping lead Twin Oaks to become the best school we can become for all students, staff and families!

WordMasters Champions

Check out this awesome press release that we received earlier this week regarding our students' participation in WordMasters, especially great work English teachers and students!

"A team representing Twin Oaks Middle School and Hidden Oaks Middle School recently earned Highest Honors in the 2015-16 WordMasters Challenge™—a national vocabulary competition involving nearly 150,000 students annually. The seventh grade team scored an impressive 198 points out of a possible 200 in the last of three meets this year, placing first in the nation. The seventh graders also placed third nationally in the overall competition with a cumulative score of 560 points out of a possible 600.

Competing in the difficult Blue Division of the WordMasters Challenge™, seventh graders Laine Bottemiller, Maria Carlson, Jo-Yi Chow, Abigail Hagerman, Mark Lichtenberger, Hannah Quan, Addison Simth and Justina Wohahn each earned a perfect score of 20 in the recent meet. Nationally, only 37 seventh graders achieved this result. Other students at Twin Oaks and Hidden Oaks who achieved outstanding results in the last meet of the year include sixth grader Josie Wilhelm and seventh graders Maerianna Artang, Jack Cheng, Emily Hesse, Kaori Hirano, Maia Johnson, Emily Krause, Magnus O’Connor, Madeline Reckmeyer and Jade Sawrey.

In addition, sixth grader Tyler Busse achieved individual Highest Honors with a cumulative score of 56 points, placing him among the top 15-20 students in his division nationwide.

The students were coached in preparation for the WordMasters Challenge™ by Emily Albrecht and Paula Case in sixth grade and Holly Bartholow, Melanie Bottemiller, and Pam Giefer in seventh grade."

High Academic Achievement across the school

In addition to the WordMasters recognition, we also received notice this week of strong performances by our students in other academic league competitions. Mr. Dapper’s 5th hour and Mr. Merten’s 1st hour Social Studies classes were recognized on a national level. Seventh grader, Mark Lichtenberger was also nationally recognized for having the highest score on the Social Studies test and received a medal.

Finally, I got a chance to sign 100 certificates acknowledging The President's Educational Award for outstanding academic achievement for our 8th grade students who have maintained a 3.5 GPA throughout their middle school (6th-8th grade) career. Once again we are all reminded what high achieving students we are so fortunate to work with on a daily basis.

'Our ever-changing Global Community'

As we all know, 'preparing all learners to be productive members of our ever-changing global community' is our mission, and while we all certainly contribute to that on a daily basis, our 8th grade Global Studies teachers provided our 8th graders with a great example of this on Friday. On an annual basis, our global studies teachers invite Foreign Exchange students who have spent the past year at the high school to come and present to our 8th graders. This years' presenters came from Spain (2 students), Germany (2 students), Mexico and Finland. It was a great opportunity for our 8th graders to hear about these various countries and cultures from the perspective of a high school student.
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Let the final clean up begin...

I happened to capture this photo down in the PE Hallway today as students are cleaning out their PE lockers, one of the first steps of wrapping up our school year. Obviously this will continue next week as we conduct final locker clean out of hallway lockers on Tuesday. It always interesting what these activities produce at a middle school... :)
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Coffee Truck comes to HO/TO!

Some of you may remember former school district employee Sheri Brunner and her son, Bo Brunner (PLHS 2005 Graduate). I was contacted earlier this week with a great opportunity for our staff during the final week of the school year... Check out the message below regarding the Wandering Mug!

"The Wandering Mug, a mobile coffee and tea truck is coming to HOMS on Monday June 6 and to TOMS Wednesday June 8 before the buses arrive. Look for a red short bus parked by the main entrance around 6:15am. We serve Peace Coffee/Espresso (a local, fair trade/organic roaster) and Tea Source loose-leaf teas, all drinks can be made hot or iced. We offer a variety of lattes and 3 types of alternative dairy (almond, soy or coconut). We also offer hot chocolate and cider. We accept cash, credit and debit cards."

Quote of the Week

A favorite PLC quote of mine:

"Members of a professional learning community continually assess their effectiveness on the basis of results; tangible evidence their students are acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to their future success."

(Learning by Doing, 2006)

The Week Ahead



  • Hallway Locker Clean Out during Primetime
  • Laker Pride Day
  • Early Release Day
  • Early Release Day
  • End of the Year Barbecue, 12:00 PM
  • End of the Year Staff meeting, 1:00 PM


  • District End of the Year Celebration, 7 AM at HS