Come to Virginia!

Get rich fast!!

We founded Virginia

The King told a group of business men that worked for the Virginia Company to settle a colony in the New World. They wanted the mother country to get rich!! Also because The New World just became popular, so they wanted land and fast!


The New Way

Virginia became the First Representative Government! The House of Burgesses can pass laws and set taxes. They first met on July 30, 1619. they also shared power with the Governor of Virginia. They first met once a year, but then they met more often. But in 1624, England took over Virginia, stopping the powers of the Virginia House of Burgesses.


Virginia built large plantation where they would hire laborers known as slaves to work on them. Virginia grows tobacco, which is a cash crop so it earns them money! They also have big fishing communities. They make their own clothing and food. They grow crops like corn and wheat, and a lot is shipped to England, and foods that didn't grow in America were sent down from England.


Virginia was a mixture of Quaker, Catholic, Lutherans, Jewish and others. Many people think that church is important, so mass lasted the whole day. Most Quakers in England left to go to Pennsylvania to practice the religion they choose.

Who Really Founded it??

John Smith and others originally founded Virginia at Jamestown. He organized men and told them what to do. They got a charter from the king, and they set off on their journey. John Smith was an explorer. But he got injured quickly and died on June 21, 1631 and was brought back to London before he died.


Jamestown has fertile soil to grow crops like tobacco, wheat and corn. They have warm weather, but it is a little bit dry. They also had A LOT of land because they settled first.

On the very left side of Virginia where not as many colonists settled, there was a small piece of a mountain range. Many people settled on the coast for the fertile soil and waters for fishing and transportation to England.

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