Nuclear Fusion

12/11/15 By Zachary Caudill

Scientists have recently found out how to achieve Nuclear Fusion I work with Morgan Freeman, Jim Carrey, and Johnny Depp. We recently had a major breakthrough on to how to create this to have a massive energy source.

Nuclear Fusion is a reaction that can sustian a city with all the power nessarry to function. It is not cheep but it is eniornmentialy safe and it produces massive amounts of energy ready to be used. This can sustian our childrens sicoitey and there childrens sicioties.

When we were testing the reaction we needed to see exactly what would happen if things went wrong so we drove as far as possible and then set off the reaction causing the explosion show below. So yes things can go wrong but as long as trust worthily people are keeping it under control it is unlikely that this will occur. It is similar to nuclear fission but it comes about in a different method.