Canadian Identity & It's Growth

Canadian Identity: What does it mean to us?

What does Canadian identity mean to us?

Believe it or not, Canadian identity is a HUGE part of our history as it is today. There are various factors that express our Canadian identity and it's unique culture. For eg, our Canadian flag is a powerful characteristic that strongly represents our identity, our subtle landscapes, culture, traditions etc. Overall, our country's identity is truly enchanting and is something that we'll all take with us, as apart of Canadian history. But, what does it mean to us? May you ask. Well, throughout this detailed flyer, you'll learn hidden facts that you've maybe never heard of. Perhaps you'll even learn something new. And hopefully by the end of this flyer, you'll know the exact answer to the one question, we asked at the very beginning. What does Canadian identity mean to us?

How do Canadian's express their identity?

Your identity answers the question of who you are. It is more than just your name. Identity involves all of the unique characteristics that make you who you are as an individual. It is influenced by many things: your family, where you grew up, your friends, and your community. "Canadian identity" is a way of describing what it means to be a Canadian. It tells what makes Canadians different from other people around the world. It means many things to many people. Canadian identity also comes from a variety of sources, including historical events, the land, people, and cultures. How Canadians express that identity is just as varied. Eg of factors that express our country's identity, Canada's national anthem "O' Canada", our flag, culture, language etc.
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Canada's Landscapes

Despite of all the information that you've just absorbed, there's still plenty more to interpret, regards to Canadian identity. Our country's landscapes are unlike any other country in the world. The astonishing sights you'll experience and unfold, when visiting this wonderful country, are sincerely and undoubtedly worth it. Did you know, that Canada has more than 3.8 million square miles in land area? Not only that, but Canada's population of lakes and inland waters is the greatest in the world! Are you convinced now, that Canada's landscapes are one of a kind? I sure am.

How has the Treaty relationship shaped Canadian identity?

Now, there is one specific detail that is a gigantic part of Canadian identity. As you can see from the title, it asks, How has the Treaty relationship shaped Canadian identity? Well, it's quite simple, the treaty relationship shapes the identity of every person in Canada. Many First Nations Elders teach that it is the relationship we have with the land, that shapes who we are and how we meet our human needs. It is partly because of this close relationship with the land, that First Nations agreed to enter into a Treaty relationship with the newcomers. The elders believe that First Nations peoples' deep connection with the natural world has a great deal to offer other human beings. Since Canada's people share in the wealth of this land, all Canadians share the responsibility of looking after the land. First Nations peoples have generations of experience in protecting the land and can share this wisdom with all Canadians.


First Nations culture is also an important aspect, regarding Canadian identity. At the time the Treaties were being signed, First Nations people believed that the treaties would allow them to continue their traditional lifestyle of living off the land. They hoped to learn from the newcomers, to live in harmony with them, and adapt to new ways of life, such as farming. No matter what, First Nations people would always stay true to themselves, their personal beliefs and were always determined to express their culture whenever possible. First Nations culture includes traits such as, arts, storytelling, dances (Pow Wows etc), clothing, music, cultural foods and events and so much more!
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How have historical events shaped the present Canadian Identity?

Many events that have occurred throughout the history of Canada have historical significance. These events reveal the changing values, beliefs, and attitudes behind the decisions and choices made in Canada. They can also result in long-lasting change and consequences.

How does Canada's role in the global community shape the Canadian identity?

Even after Confederation, most Canadians identified themselves with Britain and saw themselves as British subjects. Canada's flag was the British flag, the Union Jack. The national anthem was "God Save the King." However, after taking part in global conflicts such as the First and Second world wars, Canadians began to see themselves as members of an independent country, with it's own role in the global community. The global community in Canada, basically meant, the people or nations of the world, which are independent but closely connected economically, socially, and politically.
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How do relationships to the land affect Canadian identity?

Canada's geography has played an important role in terms of shaping the country's history and identity. In order to understand Canada as a nation, it is important to understand Canada's land and what it means to people. Canadians have deep and diverse relationships with the land, and use the land in many ways. The relationship influences the Canadian identity.
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Fun facts about Canada!

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world!

  • Canada is the world's most educated country!

  • Our country supplies free health care

  • Canada has the largest coastline in the world!

  • The word "Canada" is an Iroquoian language word meaning "village"