Are U.S immigration policies fair?

Background Info.

U.S immigration has been more of a now then ever before although it has been a problem since about 1965. There are two sides to this story; the southerners (foreign), and the U.S leaders with the citizens. The southerners have good reasoning when it comes to immigration; work conditions are very poor, they don't get paid nearly enough for their hard efforts in these harsh environments. While the U.S citizens and political leaders are against immigration. Less people are allowing immigrants into the country because they are illegal aliens and don't belong
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^Rio Grande River where Mexico meets the U.S ^


  • Promotes public safety and national security
  • Usually lenient with punishment
  • Wont usually send people back
  • but will decline entrance if not citizen or have family in the U.S

Benefits for allowing immigration

  1. Would increase work force in U.S
  2. Would help out people in need in Mexico
  3. Save Mexicans from awful work hours. environments, and salaries
  4. would create diversity in cultures, personalities and work abilities
  5. U.S government spend less on border patrol (Future- Great Wall of Trump)

Dangers for allowing immigration

  1. Drug trafficking become even more of a problem
  2. Would allow mass criminals into the country
  3. Too many people might leave Mexico
  4. might not have enough people to man factories in Mexico
  5. U.S citizens might not approve and be mad at the government
  6. Take more housing space with a greater popultation
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Final thoughts

After researching this topic I believe the dangers overwhelm the benefits and just the fact that it could allow terrorists into the country. Especially after the ISIS threats. It would be so much easier for them to get in. For that reason I believe U.S immigration policies are totally fair. But I could see how someone could easily think otherwise. Like how it is basically torture in the eyes of the Mexicans. I mean with the pay rate and with the working environments, I agree with that. But the safety of the country is not worth comprising.