Mum Bett

Hadley Hays

What She Is Known For

Mum Bett was the first black person in Massachusett's to sue for her freedom and win. In 1781 she visited a lawyer and said "I heard that paper yesterday said all men are crated equal and that every man has a right to freedom" "i'm not a dumb critter wont the law give me my freedom?" she later sued for her freedom and won!


Mum Bett was born a slave in Claverlack, New York. in 1742 since she was born a slave she has no record of the day she was born.In 1746 she became the property of wealthy resident John Ashley and his wife Hannah. Bett and a younger girl named Lizzie who might have been Betts sister had prevously been the property of the Ashley family.Ashley the owner was a strong supporter of the american revolution,and he claimed to have the largest farm in town, with many slaves


Ashley had an even temper,his wife however didn't Hannah became quit angry with Bett's so called sister and attacked her with fiery.using a hot kitchen order to save her sister Mum lunged out towards the shovel and the attack left a permenant scar on her face.


Mum Bett was very brave because she stood up for what she believed and she is also brave because she saved her sister.


Mum Bett was very determined because when she was suing her owner she never gave up and when she got hit with the hot broom she did it to save her sister from giting burnt


"sometimes life doesn't give you something you want, not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve more"