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Raise not only you but your community

A lot of people go to clubs for many different reasons, whether it's to just add more things to your college resume to hanging out with your friends after school. But did you know that besides eating food after school and goofing around in the classroom or where ever you are, your club can win awards? grants? recognition from higher positions all over the world? Clubs are a great thing to add to your college resume, or a fun place to hang out without your nagging mother telling you to go do something with your life, but leading your club to greater places, creates a better resume, and makes your school and community rise higher up the ladder.

Great clubs to be part of:

Youth to Youth


A community-based drug prevention and youth leadership program focusing primarily on middle school and high school students.The goal of its many projects is harnessing the powerful influence of peer pressure—making it a positive force that encourages young people to live free of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Projects include:

Sam ( Samantha ) Skunk -

In this story Samantha has tried medicine that wasn’t hers and it has caused her to turn green.Solomon the fish helps her understand the core learning points and leads her to return to her original color. Core learning points are: someone else’s medicine might be bad for you, never give yourself medicine, if you find medicine – tell an adult.

( Intended for ages 4-7. Samantha Skunk presentations bring student leaders/presenters to the classrooms as a lovable magenta skunk and as other characters in the story. The story is presented by students using large puppets or in full costume.Total presentation time runs about 30-35 minutes depending upon the extent of questions and answers provided for at the conclusion of the presentation. )

Sticker Shock -

Sticker Shock is an after school group activity where the Youth to Youth members participate in going to alcohol-selling shops and placing stickers that warn parents or the harms of placing alcoholic beverages in places that are accessible to young kids and teens.

( To do sticker shock, contact individual stores and get permission to attach the stickers on a given day and time when volunteers are available. In a large store a team might include up to 8+ students plus adult supervision. )

Other Youth to Youth Organizations in different communities participate in different projects from Parading in the streets to plastering poster around the middle and high school walls to raise awareness of both their awareness of their organization and Alcohol and Drug usage by teens. Find out if your school provides a youth 2 youth to raise awareness of Teenage alcohol and drug usage.

Key Club


High school student members of Key Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing and organizing food drives. They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects and holding elected leadership positions at the club.

Some schools may not have the same name for clubs as other places. For example, Where I am from, we have an Interact club, which is the same exact thing as Key club with a different name.


Stay close to home

Make sure the leader or adviser of the group lends her email to all the principals in your school district, a lot of the schools do after fundraising or events where they always need extra hands which you could always participate in!

For example; our adviser gave her email out to many event coordinators (principals, city event planners, etc.) and we were giving the option of participating in the City Parade! Walking through the streets passing our books, bookmarks, and candy canes to little kids who watched the parade.

Mash the dates

Always remember to combine all events coming in your community, school district, sporting events and any other large groups and organizations to stay on the ball and grab / offer assistance to any of the following.

For example; Back in the fall the volleyball team held their annual Dig Pink Game where they deck the gym with pink decorations and throughout the entire game all money raised gets donated to the Cancer Research Center! But who got to set up the gym and deck it all in pink balloons and streamers? Us! Asking the coach if we could help, we got the okay and made the gym pinkalicious!

Student Council

Student Council is a school-wide organization for any students who are interested in participating, that teaches leadership skills and provide a broader future for students who are interested in getting into the community and giving back. Often the club that runs big events like; Spirit Week, Can Drive, Clothes Drive, etc.



Now, I know most clubs are free, and that's the great part about them but to the advisers, a great, fast way to have money in the bank for possible traveling occasions or new upgrades like a group banner or tools needed, is having a one-time fee of $5 dollars. If your club is in need of money, and the group does not get donations or participate in a lot of fundraising activities, I suggest asking $5 dollars from each student. That way, if you have an average of 20 students, you easily just made $100.00. Give or take the average amount of students who go, you can raise or decrease the possible fee.


Although it's not the easiest thing to get sponsors, If a new company store or shop moves in locally, ask if they would like to be a sponsor of your organization.

Another idea could be, if they are a smaller company / shop that needs more awareness and publicity, offer to hold a banner in return of a certain amount of money, that way, people can find out about the organization and your group can earn some easy money!


Many big corporations allow their stores to donate a certain amount of what ever they sell in a certain period of time, So if you want, sell some pizzas provided by pizza shops and raise some dough! ( SEE WHAT I DID THERE! )