The Indian Removal Act

European settlers risk lives to complete manifest destiny

The Migration

President Andrew Jackson passes an act in 1830 to negotiate with Native Americans with land treaties in order to complete Manifest Destiny. Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River are forced westward. Unfortunately many do not survive.

President Jackson, however, viewed the despondent expulsion as something imperative. He views the Native Americans as "children in need of guidance." He believed the movement would be beneficial to both English settlers and the Native Americans.

Obviously he didn't give it much thought.

The Trail Of Tears

What Was The Death Of Thousands

During the Indian Removal Act, the native Americans (mainly Cherokee) were forced westward down a trail. This trail inherited the name 'The Trail Of Tears' due to the inhumane conditions endured throughout the journey. Roughly 16,000 Native Americans were forced through the trail. An estimated 4,000 died from disease, sickness and other causes.