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TurnerBartels K8 - Room 437 - Ms. Tyson


3/5 Imagine Gala & Silent Auction - tickets at Http://qtego.net/Qlink/tbk8

* Please note multi-cultural night has been rescheduled for the month of May

3/10 Literacy Night

3/11 Bust Buddies - Purple Day


3/23 Texas Roadhouse TBK8 Family Night


3/29 SAC Meeting

4/1 End of 3rd Grading Period

FSA READING: 4/11 & 3/12 - FSA SCIENCE: 4/13 & 3/14 - FSA MATH: 4/20 & 4/21


Week of 2/29 - 3/4 - Our focus will be on a Science Fiction narrative as we analyze character traits, actions and interaction. We will explain how the events in a story connect to provide the overall structure as we integrate and synthesize information from several text on the same topic. Students will read with a partner or triad, listen to teacher read as well as work with their groups to respond to text dependent questions.

Week of 3/7 - 3/11 - We will concentrate on explaining the relationships or interactions between two or more individuals, events, ideas or concepts in text. Students will identify cause and effect relationships, compare and contrast the differences in perspectives between King George and the colonists as we read a narrative.

Week of 3/21-3/24 - Students will Integrate information on a topic using primary source documents and determine main idea and details. We will continue to analyze cause and effect relationships using historical fiction.

Week of 3/28 - 4/1 - Our focus will shift to completing a Close Reading module on Paul Revere's Ride by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. We will identify character traits that American figures demonstrated and explain how that trait contributed to their roles in American History.


We will focus our efforts on responding to reading. We will determine how to write and explain the important differences and similarities in an individual's point of view. We will read and pull evidence from two similar text to support our responses to writing prompts. We will respond to a performance task from a close reading module on the poem Paul Revere's Ride.


Our history focus continues with Colonial America in Unit 4. Settling New England, Settling Middle Colonies, Settling the Southern Colonies, Life in the Colonies and Slavery and the Triangular Trade. How do societies develop? Students will read and identify economical, political and socio-cultural motivations for colonial settlements.


CONGRATULATIONS!! to our STEM Students of the Month (February)

Hayden Scragg and Dante Boin

WELCOME to our new classmate!! Amanda Fry