Stem Cells

The best cells available!

The Hypothetical Assumption

From the minute you hear "stem cells", lets face it, you thought that these only exist in plants. However, stem cells also occur in the adult human body. From various places such as the bone, cartilage, cardiac muscle, stem cells are everywhere!

A Life Without Stem Cells?

Lets say stem cells were to disappear, though it's impossible, we wouldn't know how everything would be as without stem cells humans would die.

Interesting Facts!

The following are some interesting facts:

  • scientists believe that in the future, stem cells can cure a wide range of diseases
  • in 1998, scientists first learned how to isolate human embryonic stem cells
  • without stem cells, us humans wouldn't be here
  • different embryonic stem cells are specialized to create bone, nerve and other tissues in the body
  • Embryonic stem cells renew themselves through cell division for long periods of time

A Flyer by: Abiram and Matthew